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Crisis processes in Russia. Anti-recessionary measures. (артикул: 02243 00712)

Дата выхода отчета: 25 Ноября 2008
География исследования: Россия
Период исследования: 2008
Количество страниц: 40
Язык отчета: Английский
Способ предоставления: электронный

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  • Полное описание отчета

    Main research objectives are:

    1. The analysis and estimation of scale and depth of crisis processes shown in Russia during September-October, 2008; expert opinions of the Russian and foreign specialists on crisis; scripts of further development; suggested anti-recessionary measures.
    2. Revealing tendencies of economic crisis overcoming in Russia on macro-and micro- levels under effect of external and internal environments. Some crisis occurrences are illustrated on instance of Saint Petersburg and Leningrad region, but at the same time they are inherent to Russia as a whole.

    Information sources:

    1. Statistical data and forecasting information of RF Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, Ministry of Finance, Central Bank, and Federal State Statistic Service.
    2. Companies press releases, branch and expert estimations of mass-media.
    3. Own informational resource and extensive enterprises database of Information Agency «CredInform North-West ».

    General conclusions:

    According to economists’ estimations, crisis processes have seized also Russia. Its greatest development has been felt during September-October, 2008. The main features of today's crisis in Russia are the following factors: low credibility level; monetary-and-credit system risks increase; stock markets collapse, inflation growth; raider’s activity reinforcement on property and territories capture misappropriation, and other noteworthy factors which are analyzed in the present review. Additionally their development trends are depicted in diagrams for the period of January-October 2008.

    The main reason of crisis emersion in Russia in view of experts’ opinions was sharp increase of problem concerned with strain on liquidity. The next reasons were the following: unexpected mass capital outflow from Russia; abrupt collapse of the Russian stock markets and falling of oil price, and as a result sharpness of already existing problem has been strengthened.

    Under existing conditions the state management has developed algorithm and tools, and also approved anti-recessionary measures plan for overcoming negative processes in economic. At first they are directed to save the Russian monetary-and-credit system. The total sum of money resources which is allocated for maintenance of banks, key economy sectors, and also average and small business, will be 5,918.0 billion rubles.

    At the same time, extraordinary majority of companies will not receive the state support, therefore in conditions of proceeding economic crisis they should hope only for their forces. In such situation as experts consider it is important to develop anti-recessionary plan with all complex of activities. All of them, on the one hand, should be directed on overcoming of crisis with least expenses, and on the other hand – persecuted the purpose of using the developed situation for expansion of business, achieving of new altitudes, and possibly occupying the greater share on the market.

    In Russia in developing crisis processes conditions it is very important to include in anti-recessionary plan some measures that associated with increase of firm economic safety. Ones of such measures can be the following: companies detailed check with respect to reliability (legal status, financial figures, market position and etc.) not only own partners, but new clients, and also revelation and estimation of business competitors’ activities that it will allow to decrease uncertainty risks.

    Certainly, one can independently both keep monitoring a situation in the market, and to study partner’s and client’s affairs state, but practice shows that independent experts can do it faster and more objectively.
    To assist in understanding of the Russian market participants, to check their reliability specially finance, and also for more information on participants of the Russian markets see created by «CredInform North-West» Branch Enterprises Databases and also Companies Directories.

    More detailed information on any firm can be received on-line at Agency website where in accessible form reference company data is presented not only, but also in comparative form its financial figures, foreign economic activity data and etc.

  • Подробное оглавление/содержание отчёта


    1. Brief characteristic of crisis processes appeared in Russia

    1.1. International rating of Russia
    1.2. Capital outflow - inflow
    1.3. Investment climate
    1.4. Investments
    1.5. Inflation
    1.6. Currencies cross-rates
    1.7. Gold and currency reserves
    1.8. Stock market
    1.9. Prices
    1.10. Social and economic indicators
    1.11. Building market
    1.12. Liquidity
    1.13. Crediting
    1.14. Market behavior

    2. Tendencies of economic crisis overcoming

    2.1. Expert estimations, forecast scripts and offers regarding of crisis surmounting
    - expert crisis processes estimations and opinions
    - further development scripts
    - offers regarding crisis overcoming
    2.2. Implemented anti-recessionary arrangements
    - at state level
    - at regional level
    - at micro- level
    2.3. Planed arrangements
    - at state level
    - at regional level
    - recommendations at micro- level

  • Перечень приложений


    1.1. Interest rates of the RF Central Bank in 2008
    1.2. Toughened mortgage lending conditions
    2.1. Variants of Russian budget formation under petroleum price below 70$/bar
    2.2. Risks rating detailed on average expected damage for business in Petersburg and Leningrad region
    2.3. Support system on overcoming of financial crisis in Russia
    2.4. Other measures of financial support


    1.1. Purchasing cash currency volumes by Russian banks from individuals in January-September, 2008
    1.2. Selling cash currency volumes by Russian banks to individuals in January-September, 2008
    1.3. Stock investments trend in Russia during January-September, 2008
    1.4. Basic inflation in Russia during January-October, 2008
    1.5. Money supply volumes trend in Russia during January-October 2008
    1.6. Trend of Ruble exchange rate to Dollar and Euro (January-November 2008)
    1.7. Trend of RF Central Bank gold and exchange currency reserves volumes in January-November, 2008
    1.8. Trend of Moscow Central Stock Exchange index (MMVB index) in January-October, 2008
    1.9. Trend of Russian Trading System index (RTS index) in January-November, 2008
    1.10. Consumer food goods price index in Russia during January-October, 2008
    1.11. Consumer non-grocery goods price index in Russia during January-October, 2008
    1.12. Urals oil price trend in January-October, 2008
    1.13. Russian manufacturers price index trend in January-September, 2008
    1.14. Industrial manufacture indexes trend in Russia during January-October, 2008
    1.15. Retail business turnover trend in Russia during January-September, 2008
    1.16. Real possessed money incomes trend in Russia during January-September, 2008
    1.17. Building volumes in Russia during January-September, 2008
    1.18. Data of correspondent accounts fund balances of credit organizations in the RF Central Bank in January-October, 2008


    1. Example of the brief supplemental information on a company
    2. Analysis of financial figures of a firm "X"
    3. Analysis of foreign trade activities of a firm "X"

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